MARS 2021

April 12th, 2021

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We are very excited to announce that CSIRO’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Future Science Platform Conference, MARS 2021, will occur on 1-2nd June 2021.

MARS 2021 will be brought to you across a virtual platform (fingers crossed…we are hoping that we can connect face to face in 2022).

Last year’s conference identified who we are and what we hope to achieve across the next few years.

MARS 2021 will focus strongly on projects currently underway across CSIRO and the progress that has been made to date.

By June 2021, we should have approx 30 Postdocs that are working within CSIRO across invested Business Units and also in partnerships with selected Universities.

Our Postdocs will present at the conference via pitches and we hope that future collaborations across CSIRO will grow as a result of this.

We are also pleased to be able to enjoy with you at MARS 2021 the following Key Note Speakers:

More information about our Key Notes and their speech topics will be shared shortly.

If you have any questions about MARS 2021 or would like to make a suggestion about what you would like to embrace through this connection, please contact any of the members of the MARS 2021 Sub Committee:

Helen Hicks – Program Manager, MLAI FSP,

Vivien Rolland – Activity Leader, MLAI FSP (Agriculture and Food),

Petra Kuhnert – Activity Leader, MLAI FSP (Data 61),

Peter Fitch – Team Leader, Land and Water Business Unit,

Russell Tsuchida – Postdoctoral fellow, MLAI FSP, Host Data 61,

Suk Yee Yong – Postdoctoral fellow, MLAI FSP, Host CASS,

Hannah Blundell – Program Co-ordinator, MLAI FSP,