Medal for Support Excellence – CSIRO Awards

December 3rd, 2019

One of the highlights of any year in CSIRO is the CSIRO Awards. It is a day when we recognise teams and individuals for their outstanding achievements in delivering on Australia’s greatest challenges.

This year we are very proud to advise that the Lindfield Collaboration Hub was awarded the Medal for Support Excellence at the CSIRO Awards ceremony in Canberra.

Medal for Support Excellence

For our teams that support; through projects, initiatives or service delivery, the creation of value for our customers through innovation that delivers positive impact for Australia.

The Lindfield Collaboration Hub was created to open the doors to ‘deep tech’ start-up companies with technologies well aligned to our research capabilities.

Since 2015, 24 start-ups have established bases at Lindfield and have brought more than 300 people as employees, students and mentors. The most remarkable has been Baraja Pty Ltd, one of our first arrivals, which has grown from two co-founders in 2015 to more than 100 employees with offices now open in China and the USA.

The Lindfield Collaboration Hub would like to thank all the many people that have made the Hub the success it is today. We have had the privilege to connect and collaborate with so many wonderful institutions and individuals whilst working to address the needs of the NSW deep-tech start-up community.

With renewed vigour, we look to 2020 with passion, enthusiasm, creativity and excitement.