Connect@Lindfield 2020 is a commercialisation program for Hardware Start Ups

February 27th, 2020

Our Connect@Lindfield 2020 program has started with six dynamic and innovative teams. We have already had three face to face session days and the growth and team dynamics have been incredible. Facilitators Ben Wright and Jane Cockburn have navigated the teams through Value Proposition, the hardware ecosystem and the Business Model Canvas (BMC) (just to name a few of the learnings).  The teams have been challenged to understand their business impact and purpose and the vision for their technology. They have been openly testing their BMC with customer conversations and engagements and this has provided huge insights and understandings.

It is always exciting to watch as this fast-paced, practical learning program, helps the teams to learn, grow and steer towards a real-world fit for their business idea and technology.

Mentors, from within the CSIRO and the deep tech /hardware ecosystem, have also facilitated to add valuable advice and direction.

Watch this space for more exciting news on these Companies/teams.