About Us

Innovation incubator

Lindfield Collaboration Hub is an innovation incubator. A dedicated space for start-ups and SME’s to develop unique, high-tech products and devices. Early stage and established companies can move to CSIRO’s Lindfield campus and access our facilities, science know-how, experience, business networks and commercialisation savvy.

The hub offers

  • Collaborative workspaces at CSIRO’s high-spec lab facilities in Lindfield, NSW.
  • Access to digital and analogue electronics, prototyping equipment.
  • General laboratory equipment and tools in Lindfield’s makerspace and the large manufacturing workshops on site.
  • Networking with other tenants though events, seminars and onsite activities.

Meet the Team

Katie Green

Katie Green is an experienced team leader and project leader, with a background in precision optics, thin films and surface analysis.  She is the Operations Manager for the Lindfield Collaboration Hub. Katie has created a vibrant community at the Lindfield Collaboration Hub for hardware startups and SMEs to connect, collaborate and create.

Leah Lucas

Leah Lucas supports the delivery of the Lindfield Collaboration Hub portfolio and specific programs of work, co-designing the Lindfield Collaboration Hub operative framework as well as developing program governance. Her background is in early start-up support, innovation programming and engagement within the university context.

Paul Rusconi

Paul Rusconi is a Senior Research Technician at CSIRO Lindfield. He is part of a team that provides expertise in fine toolmaking, machining, precision finishing of products and hardening and grinding which can be used to develop prototype instruments. He provides training and support for those using the Hub Makerspace and for those who need help in machining, electronics and prototyping.

Our Vision

The Lindfield Collaboration Hub’s vision is to support and promote the development of deep tech and hardware innovation in NSW. We do this through various channels – including co-location at our CSIRO Lindfield site, networking events and workshops and programs.

Contact Us

Lindfield Collaboration Hub

36 Bradfield Rd, West Lindfield NSW 2070

Katie Green, Group Leader, Manufacturing


Leah Lucas, Program Manager, Lindfield Collaboration Hub