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Participatory Approach

Posted by: mzcarvaj

July 14, 2016

A participatory approach is necessary to guide the direction and execution of the project, to assure that the results respond to the needs of the actors of the basin. There are three levels of participation that form the governance of the project: Key Actors, Advisory Group and the Professional Team of the Project. participatory approach-03
usuarios-03 The Key Actors represent a broad variety of activities, sectors, and economic, social and environmental interests within the basin, including actors of the public sector and the private sector, and both consumers and non-consumers of water. This group will be invited to the workshops, which will be held during the stages of the project, where they can express their opinions regarding the progress of the project and participate in the elaboration of the vision for the water resources of the Rapel basin.
The Advisory Group, represented by diverse institutions related to water management in the basin, will support the decision making of the project. To achieve this, the opinions of the Key Actors and the Professional Team of the Project will be taken into account. This group will also provide relevant information and knowledge about the water resources of the basin. grupoasesor-03


The Professional Team of the Project is in charge of executing the project in alignment with the decisions of the Advisory Group and the opinions of the Key Actors.