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Plan de Gestión Integrada para los Recursos Hídricos de la Cuenca de Rapel

The project seeks to identify approaches and tools that allow to build an integrated and sustainable management of water resources in the Rapel basin. A fundamental part of this project involves a participation process that collects the needs and challenges of the local users and actores.

The project is funded through the Fund for Competitive Innovation of the Regional Government of O’Higgins and it’s Regional Council, framed in the Regional Strategy for Innovation and is carried out by CSIRO Chile and supported by the General Water Authority.

The Project “Plan de Gestión Integrada Cuenca Rapel” consists of two stages. Currently, stage 1 is being carried out, which lasts about 18 months (March 2016 – August 2017). Stage 2 is yet to be defined.

About the project