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Project Objectives

Posted by: mzcarvaj

July 14, 2016

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the development of an integrated management plan of the water resources of the Rapel basin, based in the Australian experience and knowledge in matters of management of water resources. In order to achieve a plan that has validity and social legitimacy, and that is therefore sustainable and effective, it must be built based on a continuous participatory process with the presence of key actos of the basin. The participants will represent a broad variety of activities, sectors, and economic, social and environmental interests, including actors of the public and private sectors, and both consumers and non-consumers of water.

Specific objectives:

  1. Implement a continuous participatory process with the key actors of the basin to guide the activities of the project, so that is can gain validity and social legitimacy.
  2. Define a shared preliminary vision for the future of the basin in the medium and long term (2030 and 2050).
  3. Evaluate the existing information systems of the water resources and the rest of the socio-ecological system present in the basin (industry, population, ecosystems, etc.).
  4. Participatory design of the necessary activities to develop the informatics management tools required for the integrated management of the Rapel basin during stage 2 of the project.
  5. Diseño participativo de las actividades necesarias para desarrollar las herramientas de gestión informáticas requeridas para la gestión integrada de la cuenca de Rapel durante la Etapa 2 del proyecto.
  6. Gathering resources for the development of Stage 2 of the project.