emsarray library for Python

emsarray is an extension to the xarray Python package that adds support for datasets with the geometry conventions that are used in the results of models that use CSIRO’s Evironmmental Modelling Software suite.  It makes common operations on datasets easy, and provides the same interface for geometry conventions that include:

  • one-dimensional grids that use the Climate and Forecasting metadata conventions
  • two-dimensional CF-grids
  • staggered (structured) grids for SHOC  (i.e. eReefs GBR4, GBR1 and RECOM )
  • unstructured grids for COMPAS

Support for additional geometry conventions is provided through plugins.

What can you do with emsarray?

emsarray provides functionality to:

  • locate a geographic point within the dataset
  • subset the dataset to a collection of points
  • clip a dataset to a region
  • export the dataset geometry to alternate formats
  • draw basic plots
  • render basic animations

Where can you get emsarray?