About eReefs

The eReefs research project is a collaboration between the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, CSIRO, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Bureau of Meteorology, and Queensland Government. It aims to develop a platform that will provide a picture of what is currently happening on the reef and what will likely happen in the future.

The system spans the catchments, estuaries, reef lagoon and the open ocean. It will provide information on physical processes, sediment transport, biogeochemistry and ocean colour. The project addresses enhanced monitoring, data standards, data architecture, operational modelling, reporting and data visualisation.

This website provides information about the research that has gone into eReefs. It provides access to data and many of the tools that have been developed as a result of this research.

For more information, please visit www.ereefs.org.au

Click here if you have any questions or feedback about the eReefs research activities.