Upstream design

“Biomaterials made from seaweed offers many benefits.

Informing decision making for algae-based processes through a technoeconomic framework.

The challenge Plastics design and research has an increased focus on the overall life-cycle and end-fate. Historically, many strategies incorporate […]

The challenge The world is rapidly trying to adapt biopolymers to replace fossil fuel-based plastics in a range of applications […]

The challenge Thermoset polymers and their composites are extensively applied in a wide range of industries. The long-life cycle, superior […]

The challenge Considering that plastic waste can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose, there is an inherent […]

Reconstituted paint.

The challenge Used and unwanted paint is commonly sent to landfill. The incorrect disposal of paint can lead to environmental […]

Biodegradable plastic

The challenge One million tonnes of Australia's annual plastic consumption is single-use plastic such as that used in food packaging. […]


We have developed an environmentally-friendly, sprayable biodegradable polymer membrane product that can help farmers produce more during harvest, on the same land area, while using less water, nutrients and agrochemicals.