We are working with a range of partners to develop the Ending Plastic Waste Mission.

Chemistry Australia and Plastics Stewardship Australia

Initiatives to support the sustainable use and recovery of plastics. This includes establishing best practices and standards to ensure product reliability, food security, sustainability; and partnering with Operation Clean Sweep® to prevent plastic pellet loss into the environment.

placing a plastic bottle in a recycling bin

Hobart City Council

Pilot project for cameras to measure waste flows and smart sensor and decision support technologies to reduce costs, increase safety and better manage gross pollutant trap assets.


Developing computer vision and AI technologies to detect and classify rubbish in rivers, infer litter abundance and distribution and inform councils and decision makers in order to build more suitable policies and waste management systems.

AI technology to identify rubbish

NSW Government

Supporting the Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation on a program of long-term engagement in the NSW Special Activation Precincts in Parkes, Wagga Wagga, Moree, Snowy Mountains and Williamtown. Our collaboration with the NSW Government as well as NSW universities and industry in these Precincts will assist to accelerate NSW economic recovery by creating future industries and highly skilled jobs.

Ocean Protect

Ocean Protect is an implementing partner for gross pollutant traps in stormwater drains to optimise performance, reduce costs and increase safety.

Standards Australia

Working together to design and implement a clear set of guidelines for plastics recycling and recycled content to decrease contamination and increase the value of recycled stocks

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