Totally recyclable paint

October 13th, 2021

The challenge

Used and unwanted paint is commonly sent to landfill. The incorrect disposal of paint can lead to environmental contamination as a result of the chemicals in the paint leaching into the soil and groundwater.

Our response

CSIRO’s Polymer Chemistry Team has partnered with Dulux to develop a totally recyclable water-based paint resin.

Using reversible cross-linking technology, dried paint no longer needs to be thrown out and can be reconstituted. Painted surfaces can be stripped without the use of harsh chlorinated chemicals.


The technology has been transferred to Dulux and has further potential applications as an undercoat, primer, sealer, clearcoat and adhesive.

Dried paint.

Dried paint

Addition of water-based solvent to the dried paint.

Addition of water-based solvent to the dried paint.

Reconstituted paint.

Reconstituted paint.

Find out more about our polymer capability (pdf and word versions).

Chief Research Scientist