Biopolymer composite formulation and processing

August 14th, 2023

The challenge

The world is rapidly trying to adapt biopolymers to replace fossil fuel-based plastics in a range of applications to achieve better environmental solutions. However, there are challenges with melt compounding using conventional polymer processing equipment, poor mechanical strength and barrier properties, higher material costs and availability. These factors have impaired their profound use.

Our response

We’re working with SMEs to develop and formulate economically viable, biopolymer composites by tailoring formulations to achieve the desired thermal, rheological and mechanical properties.

This research involves smart material choice and formulation development using biopolymers, plasticizers, fillers, stabilizers and other additives to achieve the desired balance between microstructural and macromolecular properties.


The melt compounding of abundantly available agriculture wastes as reinforcing fillers provides a feasible option for promoting a low cost, biodegradable and sustainable composite with analogous properties as an alternative plastic materials produced using fossil fuels.

This will provide pathways for replacing single use plastics in day-to-day applications.  

“Design of biopolymer composites using extrusion.

Team Leader, Polymer Interfaces and Composites