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Adaptive Livelihoods and Development

Builds on previous projects in PNG and Indonesia that developed an integrated top-down and bottom-up participatory planning approach to identify potential future development trajectories, impacts on ecosystem services valued by communities, and ‘no regrets’ livelihood adaptation strategies designed to achieve desired development in spite of future uncertainty.

Contact: James Butler

ADG Disaster Risk

Working with AGD to better understand the state of Australia’s disaster mitigation, identify policy needs and corresponding research gaps.

Contact: Deborah O’Connell

Australian Vulnerability Profile

This partnership project with Emergency Management Australia and, the National Resilience Taskforce explored the systemic risks, root causes, and interacting and cascading impacts of catastrophic disaster to explore how to move from vulnerability to resilience.

Contact: Deborah O’Connell

Climate-Ready Conservation

Contact: Michael Dunlop


Ecosystem Change and Adaptation

Examining how the adaptation pathways approach can be used in situations where climate change is driving major shifts in ecosystems: their structure, how they work, and their constituent species. To date, we have published two case studies: on adaptation services in the Murray-Darling Basin under climate change and on adaptation pathways and services for montane forests under changing fire regimes.

Contact: Matt Colloff


Marine Iconic Species

Contact: Alistair Hobday



Contact: Michael Dunlop



Contact: Deborah O’Connell