Foresighting and decisions for nature and people

We collaborate to discover and inspire transformative decision processes for a step-change toward sustainable futures.

With our partners in Australia and internationally, we develop new ways to envision and plan for the future. We co-develop knowledge and techniques that help society to think about the future, create choices for alternative pathways, and enable pragmatic action by and with business, governments and communities.

Foresighting and decisions for nature and people projects

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools transform our ability to efficiently manage our ecosystems to maximise biodiversity. Our researchers have developed […]

Value of information analysis identifies the most critical uncertainties affecting the effectiveness of conservation actions. Uncertainty is everywhere so decision […]

Natural hazards lead to disasters if they intersect with a society which is exposed and vulnerable. Prevailing predominant approaches to disaster risk assessment and management place most effort on quantifying the characteristics of the hazard and mapping exposure; with vulnerability largely ignored or superficially considered.

CSIRO is analysing road and rail freight costs, flow and impacts for the Beetaloo Sub-basin in the Northern Territory. Using […]

CSIRO is developing adaptation pathways for managing biodiversity under climate change with partners in South East Queensland. CSIRO is holding […]

The Integrated Spatial Prioritisation (ISP) tool identifies the optimal complementary set of management actions that secure species from extinction. Worldwide, […]

In an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world, planning for a sustainable future requires future-focused and integrative approaches. Our ability to envision alternative futures, to evaluate between them, and to develop plans and make decisions, is crucial for building pathways to a future that balances thriving social, financial, and environmental systems.

VRK is a heuristic to help decision makers analyze how the social system shapes their decision context. Adaptation is often […]

The Priority Threat Management (PTM) approach finds the best investments in threat abatement and management across regions. Increasing threatening processes, […]