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Selected Publications 2019

Frederiksen, Jorgen S., O’Kane, Terence J., Markovian Inhomogeneous Closures for Rossby Waves and Turbulence Over Topography, J. Fluid Mech, (2019), vol 858, 45-70 doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.784
Kushnir, Yochanan., Scaife, Adam A., Arritt, Raymond., Balsamo, Gianpaolo., Boer, George., Doblas-Reyes, Francisco., Hawkins, Ed., Kimoto, Masahide., Kolli, Rupa Kumar., Kumar, Arun., Matei, Daniela., Matthes, Katja., Muller, Wolfgang A., O’Kane, Terence J., Perlwitz, Judith., Power, Scott., Raphael, Marilyn., Shimpo, Akihiko., Smith, Doug., Tuma, Matthias., Wu, Bo, (Nature Climate Change) Towards Operational Predictions of the Near – Term Climate
Ma, J., Feng, M., Sloyan, B.M., Jian, J., (2019) Pacific Influences on the Meridional Temperature Transport of the Indian Ocean Journal of Climate (In Press)
Kitsios, V., Frederiksen, J., (2019) Subgrid Parameterizations of the Eddy-Eddy, Eddy-Mean Field, Eddy- Topographic, Mean Field – Mean Field, and Mean Field-Topographic Interactions in Atmospheric Models American Meteorological Society

Selected Publications 2018

July to December 2018

Bax, H.J., Ward Appletans, W., Brainard, Duffy, R.J.E., Dunstan, P., Hanich, Q., Harden Davies, H., Hills, J., Miloslavich, P., Muller-Karger, F., Simmons, S., Aburto-Oropeza, O., Batten, S., Benedetti-Cecchi, L., Checkley, D., Chiba, S., Fischer, A., Andersen Garcia, M., Gunn, J., Klein, E., Kudela, R., Marsac, F., Obura, D., Shin, Y-J., Sloyan, B., Tanhua, T., Wilkin, J., (2018) Linking Capacity Development to GOOS Monitoring Networks to Achieve Sustained Ocean Observation, Frontiers in Marine Science, Front. Mar. Sci 5:346
Boss, E., Waite, A., Muller-Karger, F., Yamazaki, H., Wanninkhof, R., Uitz, J., Thomalla, S., Sosik, H., Sloyan, B., Richardson, R., Miloslavich, P., Karstensen, J., Gregori, G., Fennel, K., Claustre, H., Cornejo, M., Berma-Frnak, I., Batten, S. and Acinas, S., (2018) Beyond Chlorophyll Fluorescence: The Time in Right to Expand Biological Measurements in Ocean Observing Programs. Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin 1-2
Dunstan, P.K., Foster, S.D., King, E., Risbey, J.S., O’Kane, T.J., Monselesan, D., Hobday, A., Hartog, J., Thompson, P., (2018) Interactions in global patterns of variation in Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll A produce mesoscale unique states (accepted Scientific Reports
Gwyther, D.E., O’Kane, T.J., Galton-Fenzi, B.K., Monselesan, D.P., (2018) Intrinsic processes drive variability in basal melting of the Totten Glacier Ice Shelf Nature Communications 9 3141 http://DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-05618-2
Hauck, J., Lenton, A., Langlais, C., and Matear, R.J., (2018) The Fate of Carbon and Nutrients Exported Out of the Southern Ocean, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 40(2), 3419
Hurd, C. L., Lenton, A., Tilbrook, B., and Boyd, P. W., (2018) The Oceans in a Higher CO2 World: Current Status and Future Challenges, Nature Climate Change, 8 686-694
Ji, D., Fang, S., Curry, C. :., Kashimura, H., Watanabe, S., Cole, J. N. S., Lenton, A., Muri, H., Kravitz, B., and Moore, J. C. (2018): Extreme temperature and precipitation response to solar dimming and stratospheric aerosol geoengineering Atmos. Chem. Phys. 18 10133-10156 
Keller, D., Lenton, A., Littleton, E., Oschlies, A., Scott, V., Vaughan, N.E., The effects of carbon dioxide Removal on the carbon cycle, Current Climate Change Reports
Keller, D., Lenton, A., Scott, V., Vaughan, N., Bauer, N., Jones, C., Kravitz, B., Muri, H., Zickfeld, K., The carbon dioxide removal model intercomparison project (CDRMIP)L Rationale and experimental design, Geosci. Mode. Dev., 11, 1133 – 1160
Kravitz, B., Rasch, P.J., Wang, H., Robock, A., Gabriel, C., Boucher, O., Cole, J.N.S., Haywood, J., Ji, D., Jones, A., Lenton, A., Moore, J.C., Muri, H., Niemeier, U., Phipps, S., Schmidt, H., Watanabe, S., Yang, S., Yoon, J.H., The climate effects of increasing ocean albedo: an idealized representation of solar geoengineering, Atmos. Chem, Phys., 18, 13097 – 13113
Laiolo, Leonardo; Matear, Richard; Baird, Mark; Wozniak, Monika; Doblin, Martina (2018) Information content of in situ and remotely sensed Chlorophyll-a: Learning from size-structured phytoplankton model Journal of Marine Systems 183 1-12
Lenton, Andrew; Matear, Richard; Keller, David; Scott, Vivian; Vaughan, Naomi; (2018) Assessing carbon dioxide removal through global and regional ocean alkalization under high and low emission pathways Earth System Dynamics 9 (2), 339-357.
Lenton, A., Constraining ocean transport, Nature Geoscience,11, 461-462
Lenton, A., Matear, R.J., Mongin, M., Effects of climate change on ocean acidification relevant to Pacific islands, Pacific Islands Pacific Climate Change Report, Science Review, 31-42
Lewandowsky, S., Cowtan, K., Risbey, J.S., Mann, M.E., Steinman, B.A., Oreskes, N., and Rahmstorf, S., (2018) The ‘Pause’ in Global Warming in Historical Context: (II). Comparing Models to Observations, Environmental Research Letters 13
Menviel, L., Spence, P., Yu, J., Chamberlain, M.A., Matear, R.J., Meissner, K.J., and England, M.H., (2018) Southern Hemisphere Westerlies as a Driver of the Early Deglacial Atmospheric CO² Rise, Nature Communications 9(1),
O’Kane, T.J., Sandery, P.A., Monselesan, D.P., Sakov, P., Chamberlain, M.A., Matear, R.J., Collier, M., Squire, D.T and Stevens, L., (2018) Coupled Data Assimilation and Ensemble Initialisation with Application to Multi-Year ENSO Prediction, Journal of Climate,
Raes, E.J., Bodrossy, L., Van De Kamp, J., Bissett, A., Ostrowski, M., Brown, M., Sow, S.L.S., Waite, A.M and Sloyan, B.M., (2018) Oceanographic Biome Boundaries Constrain Microbial Richness in the South Pacific Ocean, Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)
Risbey, J.S., Lewandowsky, A., Cowtan, K., Oreskes, N., Rahmstorf, S., Jokimaki, A and Grant Foster., (2018) A Fluctuation in Surface Temperature in Historical Context: Reassessment and Retrospective on the Evidence, Environmental Research Letters 13
Risbey, James; O’Kane, Terry; Monselesan, Didier; Franzke, Christian; Horenko, Illia (2018) On the dynamics of Austral heat waves Journal of Geophysical, Atmospheres 123 (1) 38-57 
Tozer, C.R., Risbey, J.S., O’Kane, T.J., Monselesan, D.P., and Pook, M.J., (2018) The Relationship Between Wave Trains in the Southern Hemisphere Storm Track and Rainfall Extremes over Tasmania Mon, Wea, Rev., 146 4201-4230
Yang, L., Nikurashin, M., Hogg, A. McC., and Sloyan, B.M (2018) Energy Loss From Transient Eddies Due to Lee Wave Generation in the Southern Ocean Journal of Physical Oceanography

January to July 2018

Buchanan, Pearse; Matear, Richard; Chase, Z; Phipps, Steven; Bindoff, Nathan (2018) Dynamic biological functioning important for simulating and stabilising ocean biogeochemistry Global Biogeochemical Cycles 1-69
Dunstan, Piers; Moore, Brad; Bell, Johann; Holbrook, Neil; Oliver, Eric; Risbey, James; Foster, Scott; Hanich, Quentin, Hobday, Alistair; Bennett, Nathan (2018) How can climate predictions improve sustainability of coastal fisheries in pacific small-island developing states? Marine Policy 88 295-302
Langlais, Clothilde; Lenton, Andrew; Matear, Richard; Monselesan, Didier; Legresy, Benoit; Rintoul, Steve (2018) Stationary Rossby Waves dominate subduction of Anthropogenic Carbon in the Southern Ocean
Scientific Reports 7, 17076
Llort Jordi, Joan; Langlais, Clothilde; Matear, Richard; Moreau, Sebastien; Lenton, Andrew; Strutton, Peter (2018) Evaluating Southern Ocean carbon eddy-pump from Biogeochemical- Argo Floats Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans 123 1-14
Matear, Richard; Lenton, Andrew (2018) Carbon-Climate feedbacks accelerate ocean acidification Biogeosciences 15 1721-1732
Seneviratne, S., Phipps, S.J., Ptman, A.J., Hirsch, A.L., Davin, E.L., Donat, MG., Hirschi, M., Lenton, A., Wilhelm, M., Kravitz, B., (2018) Land radiative management as contributor to regional-scale climate adaptation and mitigation, Nature Geoscience 11 88-96
Sloyan, B.M., Roughan, M., Hill, K., (2018) The Global Ocean Observing System. In New Frontiers in Operational Oceanography, E. Chassignet, A.Pascual, J. Tintoré, and J. Verron, Eds., GODAE OceanView, 75-90

Selected Publications 2017

Buchanan, Pearse; Matear, Richard; Lenton, Andrew; Etheridge, David (2017) The simulated climate of the last glacial maximum and insights into the global carbon cycle Climate of the Past 12 1-25
C.L.E. Franzke and T.J. O’Kane (Eds) NonLinear and Stochastic Climate Dynamics
Grose, Michael; Black, Mitchell; Risbey, James; Uhe, Peter; Hope, Pandora; Haustein, Kerstin; Mitchell, Daniel (2018) Severe frosts in Western Australia in September 2016 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 1-5

Melbourne-Thomas, Jessica; Constable, Andrew; Fulton, Beth; Corney, Stuart; Blanchard, Julia; Boschetti, Fabio; Brown, Chris; Bustamante, Rodrigo; Cropp, Roger; Everett, Jason; Fleming, Aysha; Galton-Fenzi, Ben; Goldsworthy, Simon; Lara-Lopez, Ana; Little, Rich; Marzloff, Martin; Matear, Richard; Mongin, Mathieu; Hobday, Alistair; Plaganyi-Lloyd, Eva; Proctor, Roger; Lenton, Andrew; Risbey, James; Robson, Barbara; Smith, David; Summer, Michael; Trebilco, Rowan; Van Putten, Ingrid (2017) Integrated modelling to support decision-making for marine social-ecological systems in Australia ICES Journal of Marine Systems

O’Kane, Terry; Monselesan, Didier; Risbey, James;  (2017) A multiscale re-examination of the Pacific South American Pattern Monthly Weather Review 145 (1) 379-402
O’Kane, Terry; Monselesan, Didier; Risbey, James; Horenko, Illia; Franzke, Christian (2017) On memory, dimension and atmospheric teleconnections Mathematics of Climate and Weather Forecasting 3 (1) 1-27
Risbey, James; Grose, Michael; Monselesan, Didier; O’Kane, Terry; Lewandowsky, Stephan (2017) Transient response of the global mean warming rate and its spatial variation Weather and Climate Extremes 8 (S1) 55-64