DCFP Research Partners

Producing forecasts on the one- to ten-year timescales is an extremely complex task. Unlike making weather projections several days into the future, near-term climate forecasts require our researchers to use larger model ensembles and to run climate model simulations over much longer duration.

The Decadal Climate Forecasting Group collaborates with internal, national and global organisations to advance the use of decadal forecasts.


CSIRO Information Management and Technology

Our in-house scientific computing infrastructure; provided by CSIRO’s Information Management and Technology (IM&T) has assisted the DCFP to analyse these forecasts, which require a significant amount of processing power and data storage.  The DCFP is now computing complex diagnostics in minutes rather than days using the Pangeo implementation on CSIRO high-performance computer systems.




National Computational Infrastructure 

Through CSIRO’s partnership with National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), the DCFP is able to produce near-term climate forecasts. Access to NCI’s supercomputing facilities, which includes the new NCI supercomputer Gadi, provides a solution for ensemble climate reanalysis and forecasting.

In 2020 the DCFP was awarded additional compute time on Gadi through the Australasian Leadership Computing Grants (ALCG). The grant will enable the project to tackle significant problems at the highest resolution, in the shortest time.



Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

Through CSIRO’s partnership with the Pawsey, the DCFP is delivering ensemble climate forecasts and their subsequent analysis along with target simulation studies focused on improving the realism of our climate model.




Pangeo is a community effort for big data with the mission of cultivating an ecosystem for developing, distributing, and sustaining the next generation of open-source analysis tools required to meet our big data challenges.

CSIRO, through the Decadal Forecasting Project and the CSIRO Coasts program is an institutional partner of the community platform for big data science, Pangeo. CSIRO was endorsed as a formal member in 2019.



World Meteorological Organization 

CSIRO, through the DCFP, became a WMO-accredited annual-to decadal contributing climate prediction centre in May 2020.

As part of the WMO global effort, the DCFP contributes hindcast, forecast and verification data as one of many contributing centres worldwide. CSIRO is currently the only contributing centre in the southern hemisphere to participate in this effort.