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Process-Oriented Dependability

Posted by: Dongyao Wu

August 2, 2016

Process-Oriented Dependability


Gartner has stated “Through 2015, 80% of outages impacting mission-critical services will be caused by people and process issues, and more than 50% of those outages will be caused by change/configuration/release integration and hand-off issues.” Our vision is make a dramatic reduction in these numbers for consumers of cloud services.

This is difficult because the consumer has limited visibility and control over the cloud environment. Predicting and controlling reliability and performance of applications must rely on the visibility and control granted to the consumer by the providers of the cloud.

Our approach relies on creating a process model for each operations process and using that model to guide near real time detection, diagnosis, and recovery from errors in the execution of the process.

Dependable Cloud Operations


Please find the videos about POD-Discovery and POD-Viz as below (full-screen watching recommended):



Please refer to the following linked posters for details.


Two components of the POD framework are publicly available and their source code can be found here.

  • POD-CCaaS: The POD Conformance Checking Service provides functionality to investigate whether a sequence of activities that is observed during runtime deviates from the expected behavior. In this regard, the service provides functionality to analyze if the observed order of the activities conforms to a predefined model and if the execution of the activities is within the expected time frame.
  • POD-Assertion Evaluation: The Assertion Evaluation can be used to examine the impact of the process execution on its environment. In particular, the process execution can be monitored with regard to assertions that are defined offline and that refer to the state of the environment in which the process is executed.


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