Data Driven Security

September 23rd, 2015

You need to know what is happening around you in order to set up appropriate defences. That is why we run our own measurement lab within Data61/Data61 and cooperate with academia. We obtain empirical data from passive and active measurements and mine this data for information that helps us build more secure systems. It is also a profound source of deeper insights and trains our engineers in the latest protocols and technologies.

Internet communication: The web, email, chats, … we run continous scans of the Internet’s most important security protocols and applications to detect deployment patterns that open systems to attacks.
We use this information to build more secure systems and obtain up-to-date threat information which we share with partners.

Internet routing: We cooperate with academic partners to detect hiccups in Internet routing and classify them by their cause. This gives us deeper insights how our data are transported globally and allows us to design protective measures.