Consistent Optimised and Trustworthy SDN

April 5th, 2016

The Problems

  • Where to place controls in order to minimize latency between routers and controllers while maximising their use?
  • How to update set of rules without creating inconsistency in the forwarding plan?
  • When is it same to remove un-used rules?
  • How to hold the forwarding plan accountable and verify installed rules?


Our approach:

  • Introducing concept of controller module.
  • Separate latency and scalability problem
  • Consider dynamic load in the network



  • Outperforming state if the art algorithm
  • Reducing algorithmic complexity


Algorithmic complexity Method Number of switches
1K 10K 100K
O(n2) LiDy+ ~2sec ~5mins ~2h
O(n5) LiDy >24h
O(n3) YBLG ~1min ~1h >48h