Completed projects

Project Lead: Overview: Insitu carbonation turns carbon dioxide (CO2) into rock that is permanently stored underground!  Insitu carbonation is therefore […]

Project Lead: Overview: The state-of-the-art direct air capture (DAC) technologies are mainly based on liquid absorption and solid adsorption. Desorption […]

Project Lead: Overview: The ocean has a huge capacity to store anthropogenic carbon emissions, but the efficiency of ocean storage […]

Project Lead: Overview: Algae capture CO2 through photosynthesis and convert it to biomass, biomass that could be used for long-term […]

Project Lead: Overview: Biologically based carbon capture methods have the advantage that they can be implemented immediately without the requirement […]

ultramafic mafic map

Project Lead: Overview: Utilising mineral carbonation as a solution for permanently locking CO2 on geologic timescales requires knowledge of the […]

Project Lead: Overview: Existing processes for ex-situ mineral carbonation (MC) still rely on conventional chemical reaction methods, in which elevated […]


Project Lead: Overview: Capture of CO2 from air (Direct Air Capture – DAC) require capture agents, equipment and processes that […]

Project Lead: Overview: Chemoautotrophic microorganisms from some archaeal phylums are known to have the most efficient microbial carbon fixation pathways. […]

Project Lead: Overview: Direct Air Capture (DAC) requires a liquid or solid material that selectively adsorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from […]