Integrating DAC and CO2 mineralisation by enzyme-immobilised nanofibre mat

October 24th, 2022

Project Lead:

Liang Liu

Research Engineer, Environment and Sustainability


The state-of-the-art direct air capture (DAC) technologies are mainly based on liquid absorption and solid adsorption. Desorption process is needed for sorbent regeneration and CO2 removal. Both technologies are still energy intensive, limiting their deployment. Meanwhile, the captured CO2 needs to be further processed, which requires additional cost. Hence, it is of great interest to develop an innovative cost-effective process that can integrate DAC and CO2 carbonation processes. 

This project aims to develop enzyme (i.e., carbonic anhydrase, CA)-immobilised electrospun nanofiber mat to convert CO2 into carbonate products in a single process. Immobilised CA is expected to have improved activity and durability. Various enzyme-immobilisation techniques will be investigated, and the performance of the materials will be evaluated. 

Team Members:

Guangyu Zhao

CERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Environment and Sustainability

shi su

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Mine Safety & Environment

cara doherty

Team Leader, Applied Porous Materials