Bioreactor for complete CO2 conversion to algae biomass

September 21st, 2022

Project Lead:

Dr Anusuya Willis

Research Scientist – Algal Molecular Biologist / Physiologist, Biocapture


Algae capture CO2 through photosynthesis and convert it to biomass, biomass that could be used for long-term carbon storage. Algae growth rates and photosynthesis are also much faster than land plants, providing an option for fast carbon sequestration. Growing algae in bioreactors could be a route of carbon sequestration for reducing atmospheric carbon to combat climate change, as algae biomass can be directly harvested for carbon storage. The challenge is to design a new type of bioreactor where the algae capture all CO2 and none is lost back to the atmosphere. This scoping project will work with engineers, a marine carbon scientist and an algae biologist, to design a specialist closed-system bioreactor for complete CO2sequestration by algae.

Team Members:

james malan

Team Leader, Systems Engineering

Senior Experimental Scientist, Ocean Carbon Observations