Identifying novel electrochemical pathways for intensified mineral carbonation

September 20th, 2022

Project Lead:

Yonggang Jin

Team Leader, Environment and Sustainability


Existing processes for ex-situ mineral carbonation (MC) still rely on conventional chemical reaction methods, in which elevated temperatures and high pressures are essential to boost the low reaction conversion and slow reaction kinetics, usually requiring large amounts of additional chemicals. Therefore, it is critical to develop a novel ex-situ MC technology pathway that allows efficient carbonation under close-to-ambient conditions without significant chemical inputs.

This research aims to develop a novel electrochemical process to significantly intensify MC of mafic/ultramafic tailings, thereby offsetting emissions and offering the potential for some mines to achieve near carbon-neutrality of their mining activities. The versatile electrochemical process enables an integrated utilisation of mine wastewater for optimal tailings carbonation efficiency, and potential concurrent recovery of critical metals from mine waste.

Team Members:

Laura Yin

Research Scientist, Environment and Sustainability