Research themes

Learn more about our three research themes.

The AEB FSP is structured around three research themes.

These research themes have been carefully conceived to improve investment decisions in new biotechnologies; to make the development of biotechnology faster and more affordable; to enable more efficient and sustainable deployment of bio-based innovations.

These research themes synergistically serve the overarching goal of the AEB FSP. That is, to catalyse a step-change in our national capability to deliver bio-based innovation rapidly, responsibly, and at scale.

Each theme hosts a suite of projects, overseen by a diverse group of highly-qualified researchers. Our team is united by a powerful drive to deliver better outcomes for society, industry, and the environment. At its core is a strong collaborative ethos which sees productive partnerships and engagement both within Australia’s biotech ecosystem and internationally.

Explore our research themes to find out more about our exciting portfolio of projects, and the people who lead them.