Research themes

Learn more about our three research themes.

The goal of the Advanced Engineering Biology (AEB) Future Science Platform (FSP) is to catalyse a step change in our national capability to deliver new bio-based innovation responsibly, rapidly and at scale.

A number of recent advances in science and technology now make it possible to re-imagine how we deliver bio-based innovation. These include:

  • Emerging computational methods for biological design and complex decision making (e.g., artificial intelligence and machine learning); and
  • Recent advances in tools for biological engineering (e.g., genome editing) that have made engineering biology more precise and opened the door for innovative new bioproduction solutions.

The AEB has three research themes which are designed to improve investment decisions in new biotechnologies, make biotechnology development faster and more affordable and enable more efficient and sustainable large-scale deployment of new bio-based innovations.

These research programs are linked by the overarching goal of the AEB FSP – that is, to accelerate the growth of the Australian bioeconomy by delivering technology platforms that support the development of new bio-based innovations responsibly, affordably, rapidly and at scale. 

Explore our research themes to find out more about our program aims and our research leaders.