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Director, AEB FSP

  • A highly experienced leader in synthetic biology and deep tech commercialisation, Rob is recognised internationally for driving the development of an industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology industry. He is passionate about fostering a collaborative engineering biology ecosystem to unlock opportunities for industry, society, and the environment. He has held numerous leadership roles across industry and academia, most recently as Acting Head of the School of Biology and Environmental Science at QUT. Robert received his PhD from the University of Cambridge and BSc from Imperial College London and undertook postdoctoral training at the University of Edinburgh.
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Theme Leader, Data-Driven Molecular Design

  • Andrew is a Senior Research Scientist with a strong interest in chemistry, molecular modelling, molecular dynamics, enzyme engineering, metabolomics and proteomics. He graduated from the University of Sydney and attained his PhD in Chemistry from Monash University in 2004.
  • Contact Andrew with inquiries about our Data-Driven Molecular Design research theme.
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Theme Leader, Innovative Bioproduction Platforms

  • Craig’s background is in structural biology and computational drug discovery. He has more than 25 years’ experience, including 13 years in the biotech industry in a range of roles including Principal Scientist and Head of Biology. His work has primarily focused on anti-infective drug discovery, with extensive research in antiviral and antimicrobial drug discovery as well as on other microbial diseases such as malaria.
  • Contact Craig with inquiries about our Innovative Bioproduction Platforms research theme.
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Dr Aditi Mankad

Theme Leader, Interdisciplinary Decision-Making

  • As a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO, Aditi’s work focuses on understanding attitudes, behaviour and risk perception in agricultural innovation, biosecurity and biotechnology. Her broader research background includes health, sport and exercise psychology related to motivation, goal orientations and injury rehabilitation. Aditi graduated from the University of Queensland and Purdue University, before earning her PhD at the University of Western Australia.
  • Contact Aditi with inquiries about our Interdisciplinary Decision-Making research theme.

Joel Spotswood

Project Manager, AEB FSP

  • Joel’s background is in biotechnology, intellectual property and economics. His work has spanned numerous roles across the biotechnology sector with a focus on program management and research-industry partnerships and strategy. Before joining the AEB, Joel managed a portfolio of biotechnology and medical technology commercialisation training programs for QUT and MTPConnect.
  • Contact Joel with inquiries about AEB FSP roles, projects and collaborations.
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Lauren Dale

Administration Officer, AEB FSP

  • Lauren Dale is an accomplished administrative professional with a robust background in project administration spanning diverse sectors. She has been an integral part of CSIRO since 2021, contributing significantly to the Advanced Engineering Biology and Responsible Innovation Future Science Platforms. Leveraging her expertise gained from Diplomas in Science, Project Management, Leadership & Management, and Business Administration, Lauren excels in orchestrating and supporting projects with precision and efficiency. Her commitment to excellence and comprehensive knowledge makes her a valuable asset in driving successful outcomes in complex and dynamic environments.
  • Contact Lauren with administrative inquiries relating to the AEB FSP.
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Communications Advisor

  • Emily joined CSIRO as a Communications Advisor in the Environment Business Unit in April 2023. Emily works closely with the Responsible Innovation and Advanced Engineering Biology Future Science Platforms, to share game-changing, world-leading research with policymakers, industry leaders, and the wider public. With an MSc in Media and Communications from LSE, and an MA in Philosophy and English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, Emily has a strong background in marketing, campaigning and journalism.
  • Contact Emily with inquiries about media and communications relating to the AEB FSP, including new research.