Data-Driven Molecular Design

Developing tools to help fast track the development of new biotechnological solutions.

The Data-Driven Molecular Design (DDMD) theme is developing tools that greatly reduce the time and resource requirements for the development of new biotechnological solutions.

Our approach

This theme will draw upon existing CSIRO capability, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, and quantum biology. It will also utilise world-class CSIRO national facilities, including the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and the CSIRO BioFoundry.

Example projects include:

  • Engineering tuneable systems for exporting molecules out of microbial cells to reduce downstream processing costs in fermentation
  • Building accurate designs for novel microbial production organisms that make food protein, medicines or enzymes that clean up the environment
  • Designing new biosensors for disease marker, pathogenic microorganisms, or pollutants.

New tools developed through the DDMD theme will be built through a learning-by-doing paradigm. That is, by targeting specific molecules and bioprocesses with a view to exploiting a much broader application of the workflows once established.

Delivering impact

The DDMD theme will develop novel approaches to currently intractable problems, as well as tackle current bottlenecks in biological design.


Theme Leader, Data-Driven Molecular Design