Welcome to the Advanced Engineering Biology Future Science Platform

At the Advanced Engineering Biology Future Science Platform (AEB FSP) we’re working to catalyse a step change in biotechnology development in Australia. We are also working to ensure engineering biology makes a positive difference in the lives of all Australians.

Engineering biology creates solutions from nature’s building blocks, to solve our greatest challenges. It can underpin transformative innovations across health, agriculture, energy, and other key sectors. But to harness its full potential, we need to make it faster, more affordable and scalable.

Our research is working to overcome the obstacles that are holding engineering biology back from delivering benefits for society, industry and the environment. We take an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach, partnering with government, research institutions and industry to foster innovation and build capabilities.

To discover more about this work, explore our current research themes. Or, for more detail about the exciting science we are doing every day, dive into our latest projects.