Resources, Energy & Communities

The team furthers regional resilience and prosperity by providing robust scientific evidence on the social and economic effects of industry changes and transitions in regional Australia.
We undertake research across a range of domains including energy, mining, agriculture, water, waste and resource recovery, with special skills in contested industries.

Our research focuses on managing transitions in place-based contested spaces as a consequence of industry and policy changes or new and emerging technologies in the energy, mining, waste, and emerging resources sectors.

This knowledge supports policy decision making, industry best practice, and government initiatives, to enable resilient regional industries and robust and flourishing communities.


Lavinia Poruschi

Team Leader, Energy transitions and energy consumption research. Econometric analysis, regional impact analysis, energy transition at industry or regional level, regional foresighting, energy consumers segmentation analysis, energy poverty and vulnerability indicators, agrifood export tracking and analysis

David Fleming

Economic analysis, impact evaluation, statistical models, resource management, empirical forecasts, risk evaluation, research review

Rod McCrea

Environment and behaviour, environmental psychology, community resilience and wellbeing, social licence, energy transitions, waste and resource recovery, responsible innovation, behavioural geography, statistical modelling

Simone Felton

Social impact analysis, social licence and acceptance, responsible innovation, adoption, behaviour change, qualitative and quantitative methods, mining, energy, and agriculture

Talia Jeanneret

Environmental science, agrigultural supply chains, mining, waste and resource recovery, indigenous enterprises

Environmental/health psychology, attitudes, risk perception, behaviour change, social licence, survey design, statistical modelling, network analysis, R programming language

Yuwan Malakar

Risk governance of future technologies, sociological theories to understand risk behaviours and perceptions; and how risk related to technology can be assessed, managed and communicated