• Assess the value and impact of existing and expected changes
  • Support the management of transitions facing communities and industries in regional Australia, triggered by technological disruption, decarbonisation, emerging and fluctuating markets, biosecurity risks, and changing values of our natural assets
  • Build social and economic innovation around technical innovation

Including the assessment of the social feasibility and risks of new technologies and industries; enabling equity and diversity in the realisation of new opportunities; and developing methods to examine social trust and acceptability of future science, industries and landscapes to maximise positive impacts and social benefit.

This ACI Research Group supports the resilience of communities and industries facing regional transformations and informs options for land and water enterprises to find innovative options that will enable Australia’s regions to prosper. Our Group exemplifies a ‘one CSIRO’ approach to integrated research by contributing social and economic science to research projects that are solving some of Australia’s key challenges.

The group is comprised of four teams with skills, knowledge and expertise in geography, economics, behavioural science, anthropology, sociology, business and environmental science.