Workspace 6.2.0 release notes

April 3rd, 2020

[WORKSPACE-7593] - Have the arrow and page up, page down keys been disabled in the log widget? I regularly jump up and down using these keys but can't seem to with version 6.2.0
[WORKSPACE-2382] - If can't find specified folder for writing output to, create folder.
[WORKSPACE-4738] - Add tooltips and context menus for data object labels in the Operation Editor
[WORKSPACE-7513] - Incrementer should be a small operation like integer equals etc
[WORKSPACE-3713] - "External Workflow" tutorial needs some attention
[WORKSPACE-3735] - "Distributing work to a compute cluster" tutorial - replace linux images with equivalent from windows
[WORKSPACE-3736] - Update SSH tutorial with images
[WORKSPACE-3842] - Globalname Namespaces should be documented in advanced dev tutorials
[WORKSPACE-4902] - Create a "Create a Custom User Interface" tutorial
[WORKSPACE-5159] - Revisit footer navigation in all tutorials
[WORKSPACE-5267] - Simple Application wizard should support QMainWindow widgets
[WORKSPACE-5469] - Add "op_.getTerminateExecution()" check to progress reporting section of "Create Workspace Operation" tutorial
[WORKSPACE-5762] - External workflow popup confusing
[WORKSPACE-6723] - Alter the appearance of nested workflows to make them more visually distinct
[WORKSPACE-7027] - "Set workspace label" dialog, on nesting workflow, needs opt-out checkbox
[WORKSPACE-7028] - Inconsistent behaviour - empty label allowed after nest, but not via properties dialog
[WORKSPACE-7246] - Ability to make any operation type smaller than default size
[WORKSPACE-7290] - Add support to operation racks so that connections can thread to any 4 sides of a rack
[WORKSPACE-7324] - Add set_node_position to python mesh interface
[WORKSPACE-7370] - Operation isDeprecated should be on the factory not the operation
[WORKSPACE-7411] - Rename operation "SubstituteString" to "ReplaceString"
[WORKSPACE-7412] - Create new FormatString operation
[WORKSPACE-7429] - Replace Int, Double and String comparison operations with single Polymorphic operation
[WORKSPACE-7454] - Re-save all existing Workspace workflows (including samples and collections) to cater for recently aliased operations and inputs
[WORKSPACE-7478] - Canvas context menu to show workflow in Workflow tree
[WORKSPACE-7487] - Update simple application wizard to use AboutAppDialog
[WORKSPACE-7496] - Add breadcrumbs above WorkspaceView
[WORKSPACE-7522] - Add post-load verification check for 'First iteration?' input in all loop types
[WORKSPACE-7589] - Assert in Operation::getScalarInput when exploding a nested workflow
[WORKSPACE-7621] - There's a flash of the background desktop when switch from one image to another with renderImageToScreen
[WORKSPACE-2428] - Workspace Tutorial: "Creating a standalone application": QT and launch feedback
[WORKSPACE-3100] - Wizard generated code will not compile when BUILD_EXAMPLES is set to "on"
[WORKSPACE-4090] - Simple application CMakeLists.txt file should include ALL relevant Qt5 dependencies
[WORKSPACE-4108] - Broken links for some sample files in public online documentation
[WORKSPACE-4194] - Broken images in Workspace homepage when viewed from outside CSIRO network
[WORKSPACE-4690] - Documentation: Logo missing from the Hello Workspace tutorial top left corner
[WORKSPACE-5145] - "Working with display widgets" tutorial - CountedLoop custom ui not available as stated
[WORKSPACE-5516] - Simple application wizard does not filter out hyphen in name
[WORKSPACE-5821] - Ctrl-A in log window selects all OUTSIDE log window
[WORKSPACE-6681] - Wrong input order on Embedded workspace
[WORKSPACE-7056] - Cannot run HDF5SceneWriter in parallel using FileLoop
[WORKSPACE-7124] - Paste shouldn't work in read only workflow.
[WORKSPACE-7356] - Resetting up to date status of loop workflows does not change the progress bar to red
[WORKSPACE-7371] - change tooltip on display Dependencies icon to be consistent with others and greatly reduced in size
[WORKSPACE-7372] - Make tooltip on the WSInput/WSOutput/Variable icon consistent with other tooltips
[WORKSPACE-7376] - Font doesn't look right at certain zoom levels in Workspace canvas
[WORKSPACE-7380] - Lots wrong when "Create output and connect to top level"->"New top level output" is used
[WORKSPACE-7400] - Python error message line numbers are wrong
[WORKSPACE-7416] - Memory leak in ChartWidget
[WORKSPACE-7418] - Crash when undoing delete of mini operations
[WORKSPACE-7435] - Conditional Loop continues "carrying" data after output deleted
[WORKSPACE-7436] - Tutorial - the output of "ConditionalLoop: Creating a loop with an iteration condition" is wrong
[WORKSPACE-7460] - BUILD_WITH_SPP CMake option needs to be changed to reflect WORKSPACE PROFESSIONAL EDITION name change
[WORKSPACE-7479] - Update tutorials developer guide to match the latest workspace
[WORKSPACE-7482] - Workflow tree settings are not seralized
[WORKSPACE-7483] - When creating a plugin, the cmake configure failed
[WORKSPACE-7495] - doxygen warnings about not finding a lot of reference
[WORKSPACE-7519] - Crash when trying to create a new workflow while in breadcrumbs view
[WORKSPACE-7520] - Conditional loop always requires an output matching the name of one or more inputs
[WORKSPACE-7521] - Error message pop up when trying to execute parallel loop workflow
[WORKSPACE-7527] - SLURM scheduler no longer functions on CSIRO clusters due to reliance on workspace-batch executable
[WORKSPACE-7530] - Operation getInput/getOutput() methods take an int index, while numInputs and numOutputs return unsigned
[WORKSPACE-7533] - Outdated document: Running nested workflows in parallel on a local machine
[WORKSPACE-7542] - Assert in debug mode when closing workspace after executing ssh operation
[WORKSPACE-7550] - Starting VS2019 from Workspace vs2017 build failed with error.
[WORKSPACE-7551] - CreateInstaller cannot support NSIS latest version 3.05
[WORKSPACE-7554] - Consider better "sortable" support when exposing container datatypes
[WORKSPACE-7555] - Search path for applauncher is wrong in PackageExecutable
[WORKSPACE-7571] - How to reset input of a loop operation to it's initial value?
[WORKSPACE-7573] - Crash when drag input items in RunPythonScript's properties dialog
[WORKSPACE-7620] - Crash occuring in WSGLScreenTests - streak glypher on OSX