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The fastest place to download Workspace is from the Data tab of the Data Access Portal Collection here: Workspace 4.0.0 (

Links to third party Workspace plugins are provided on the Third Party Plugins page.

Workspace 4.0.0 Direct Download Links

Workspace License workspace.license
Win64 (VS2015)

If you have issues downloading via the CSIRO Data Access Portal please contact the Workspace team.

For known issues with the current release candidate see our support page.

All Versions



DOI and Download

12 Jan 2017 4.0.0
20 Jun 2016 3.5.1
25 Feb 2016 3.5.0
2 Sep 2015 3.4.0
2 Feb 2015 3.3.1
24 Oct 2014 3.0.0-RC1

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