Create and Collaborate

Intuitive workflow editing environment

Interactively combine powerful operations into scientific workflows, modify them, and execute them. Handy features include:

  • Create powerful workflows from a huge suite of built-in operations
  • Instant feedback: immediately see the results of any changes you make
  • Avoid unnecessary processing: only the affected parts of the workflow are re-executed after a change
  • Visualise your data with a wide range of built-in widgets
  • Ensure reproducibility of outputs with provenenance

Workspace screenshot

Tailor for your Customers

Powerful  Custom User Interfaces

The Workspace’s close relationship with the Qt Toolkit enables users to develop custom user interfaces to drive their workflows. Created easily with a drag-and-drop, these user interfaces can be used to deliver simplified user experiences to clients or collaborators, or to speed up the user input process. Have a look at some examples in the Showroom

Extend and Enhance

Write your own specialised plug-ins

Workspace’s versatile plug-in architecture allows researchers and developers to bring their own capabilities in to the Workspace environment. Whether wrapping an existing library, developing new algorithms, or creating a fully-fledged application, writing a Workspace plug-in is made easy through Workspace’s code generation wizards and extensive developer documentation. Examples of third-party plug-ins and applications include:

  • Amicus, bushfire decision support tool
  • Spark, bushfire modelling toolkit
  • CSIRO Quantitative Imaging Plugin, used for applications such as Spotsizer and Grainscan
  • OpenCV, NetCDF and Geospatial (GDAL) plugins
  • ANSYS plugin
  • Point Cloud plugin – now available on GitHub
  • Microsoft Kinect plugin

Run Anywhere

Cross Platform: Linux, Windows & Mac

Workspace is built on the Qt Toolkit, and is supported on Windows, OSX and Linux. It has an easy-to-use build system built on top of CMake, including support for packaging and generating documentation, and can be easily deployed to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services

2D and 3D Visualisation

With Workspace, you can inspect your data at any stage in your workflow, while it’s executing, and produce impressive visualisations using the built-in widgets:

  • Interact with 3D surface meshes using the WSGL Widget
  • Apply glyphs to your models for point cloud datasets
  • Explore 3D image data using Workspace’s volume renderer
  • Use one of the wide range of built-in shader effects, or write your own in a plug-in
  • Support for a variety of different 2D plot types

Point cloud processing and visualisation

Prallel execution diagram

Scale Your Computation

Parallel & Remote Execution

Scale your computation using Workspace’s remote / parallel task scheduling engine:

  • Execute loops in parallel on your local machine, in a client-server environment, on PBS clusters – or any combination
  • Pluggable authentication protocols and optional SSL configuration
  • Fault tolerant: carefully manage long-running, remotely executing tasks
  • Turn any available hardware into a compute node with the Workspace server

Download Workspace