Workspace 6.13.0 release notes

December 10th, 2021

The following list shows features added and issues resolved in this version:

WORKSPACE-7509 – Workspace de builds failing to launch on OSX Catalina (10.15)
WORKSPACE-8169 – Crash when running sample_loopingfor.wsx workflow on HPC cluster
WORKSPACE-8177 – Public release 6.9.0 – UAC dialog for workspace-server reports publisher unknown
WORKSPACE-8186 – Axis Model ‘X’ arrow head incorrect winding order
WORKSPACE-8211 – Unable to shrink widget that contains ColorSpectrumButton in Qt Designer
WORKSPACE-8221 – Operation Hdf5SceneReader crashes on destructor
WORKSPACE-8229 – SPP SystemCommand dox file naming issue
WORKSPACE-8233 – Broken picked element index
WORKSPACE-8248 – Reparent transform on canvas doesn’t update scene correcly
WORKSPACE-8252 – Create resuable dock widget that can be converted to a window
WORKSPACE-8254 – Workspace de builds unit tests failure: test_wsglbufferobjectcacheitem and test_wsglbufferobjectcacheitemptr
WORKSPACE-8271 – Linux WSGL test failures
WORKSPACE-8306 – PlotGrid3dBuilder intervals behave unexpectedly
WORKSPACE-8369 – Crash on OSX when opening Workspace rendering properties
WORKSPACE-7272 – Investigate package deinfo files in install area instead of a global folder under /usr/lib/.build-id/ on linux
WORKSPACE-8346 – ‘Create install package’ operation failed if ‘vendor’ contains spaces
WORKSPACE-8377 – Cannot find netcdf plugin if it is installed as standalone
WORKSPACE-8379 – Replace QSharedMemory in Execution Profiling with sockets
WORKSPACE-8422 – WSGL overlay render Qt warning
WORKSPACE-8457 – test_runexternalscript failure on nightly builds
WORKSPACE-8484 – test_wsglmodelprocessor fails intermittently with ‘last processed’ date being invalid
WORKSPACE-8486 – Inverts Operation moved from CMProduction to Workspace
WORKSPACE-8488 – While a scene is being loaded the WSGLRenderer spams the log with warning
WORKSPACE-8551 – Warnings in Mac builds in array3dtyped.h
WORKSPACE-8557 – Warnings in documentation for developer tips and tricks
WORKSPACE-8558 – NodeColoringShaderBuilder crashes Workspace editor when trying to view operation properties
WORKSPACE-8401 – Fix Doxygen warning in serialiseditem.h
WORKSPACE-8381 – SSH unit tests failing on nightly builds across all platforms
WORKSPACE-8311 – test_meshmodellibrary intermittent failure
WORKSPACE-8550 – Globals diff: update documentation
WORKSPACE-7306 – workspace-globals-diff add ability to change the values associated with global names
WORKSPACE-8545 – Globals diff: sometimes there is no data displayed at all
WORKSPACE-8549 – Update MeshFromBoundingBox to use MeshModelInterface
WORKSPACE-8544 – Add ability to copy value from one side to the other
WORKSPACE-8543 – globals-diff ellipsis in global name column is shown as a strange question mark character
WORKSPACE-8542 – If you clear one of the file names, its data is not cleared
WORKSPACE-8541 – globals-diff does not prompt to save modified files when loading new project
WORKSPACE-8536 – Update packaging tutorial
WORKSPACE-3225 – Add operation path to display in diff tool
WORKSPACE-8464 – Update or integrate old tutorials
WORKSPACE-8532 – Check for screenshots that haven’t been updated recently
WORKSPACE-8168 – Crash deleting InsertIntoObjectArray operation
WORKSPACE-8526 – Add widget for comparing two text files
WORKSPACE-8531 – globals-diff does not clear old workflow properly before loading new
WORKSPACE-8517 – ObjectDictionaryTableViewWidget to support dictionary of records layout
WORKSPACE-8513 – ModifyGroup crash with nested ObjectGroups
WORKSPACE-8527 – Diff-tool view has empty root element
WORKSPACE-8529 – Add highlighting for duplicate or inconsistent globals
WORKSPACE-8524 – test_wsgltextureprojectionshaderimplementation failure on initTestCase()
WORKSPACE-2982 – Add scene tree item for visualizing a plane
WORKSPACE-8512 – Investigate editing complex input values
WORKSPACE-8518 – ReadNetCDFSource operation block file after finish
WORKSPACE-8519 – test_python failed on MacOS
WORKSPACE-7614 – Nested Workflow: Create input connected to top level – Value Crashes workspace
WORKSPACE-2200 – Superquad glypher crashes if 0 default radius set (div 0)
WORKSPACE-8493 – Add Python “Requests” module to default Workspace Python installation
WORKSPACE-8478 – FileLoop changes behaviour on second run, ignoring wrap option, when directory is empty.
WORKSPACE-8487 – WritePlyFile does not save “Vector component suffix” input if it is empty
WORKSPACE-8506 – Python build script failed
WORKSPACE-8004 – Fix a couple of issues in the wizard data for creating widget.
WORKSPACE-8489 – Integrate support for editing QString input values via preferred widgets
WORKSPACE-8501 – Integrate differencing results into the display
WORKSPACE-8109 – The wizard template widgetconnector should generate code with auto* keywords
WORKSPACE-7971 – Widget wizard needs to use auto in some places in its generated code
WORKSPACE-8507 – Wizard creates connector class but fails to use auto.
WORKSPACE-8505 – Crash in GlobalNameColumnEditor when loading workflow with globalnames on toplevel io.
WORKSPACE-2159 – Document how UpdateBarriers should be usedl
WORKSPACE-8497 – globals file editor needs to display and modify “duplicated” values as one
WORKSPACE-8500 – Update screenshots
WORKSPACE-6977 – Crash on loading workflow
WORKSPACE-8496 – Add custom ui register to SceneItemPropertiesWidget
WORKSPACE-7093 – Diff tool workflow updater should handle changes in input values
WORKSPACE-8341 – Add transparency value to TextureProjectionShader
WORKSPACE-1605 – Add a tutorial to describe how to add a plugin-specific configuration UI to the workspace-gui
WORKSPACE-8482 – Split off the diff-tool functions of tracking changes to files so it can be reused
WORKSPACE-5016 – Crash when exiting application when creating RenderingSettings object on stack
WORKSPACE-8388 – Test failures: test_foorloop and test_translateobjectdictionary
WORKSPACE-8468 – Update CacheData documentation
WORKSPACE-8480 – Create model/view architecture to support saving results
WORKSPACE-8456 – ObjectArrayLoop loops infinitely when input array is empty
WORKSPACE-5644 – test_wsglrenderbenchmarks crash on exit
WORKSPACE-8477 – Merge tool default geometry has all dock tools visible
WORKSPACE-8476 – The diff tool default colours are both gold
WORKSPACE-8447 – The diff tool should take external workflow IO into account when highlighting changes
WORKSPACE-8472 – Doxyfile.base has settings not supported in doxygen 1.9
WORKSPACE-8473 – Make highlighting duplicated global names always on
WORKSPACE-8419 – It should be easier to locate duplicated global names
WORKSPACE-7094 – Diff tool workflow updater should handle changes in no of inputs with values
WORKSPACE-8340 – Add Render Unit Test for TextureProjectionShader
WORKSPACE-6532 – Crash on loading workflow from command line
WORKSPACE-6479 – Reference tags in operation descriptions causes issues with output and doxygen warnings
WORKSPACE-5356 – Simple loop operations for ObjectDictionary and ObjectArray
WORKSPACE-8441 – Add similar option to context menu entry “Create variable” for creating a SelectInput operation