Dr Luke Connell – Senior Principal Research Scientist

Luke has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland. He has over 30 years research experience in modelling and field characterization of fluid flow in the sub-surface and more than 80 publications on a wide range of modelling and experimental problems. His research is focused on gas migration processes within coal seam and shale reservoirs and coupled flow and geomechanical processes.

Dr Zhejun Pan – Senior Principal Research Scientist

Zhejun has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, USA and is the Australian Research Magazine’s 2020 research leader in the field of Oil, Petroleum and Natural Gas with more than 8,500 citations from over 250 publications. Zhejun’s research is focused on gas storage and flow behaviour in unconventional gas reservoirs, including coal, shale and tight sandstone. His work combines experimental, mathematical and numerical methods, and applies thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and rock mechanics from laboratory to field scale. His research interests also include coal mine gas drainage, enhanced gas production and CO2 storage.

Michael Camilleri – Senior Research Technician

Michael manages the laboratories of the Unconventional Gas Reservoir Engineering Team. Michael’s skills and expertise include pressure vessel and equipment design, LabVIEW programming, electronics, 3D design (Autodesk), data processing, automation, instrumentation plumbing (Swagelok), complex sample recovery and preparation, CNC and conventional machining and welding. His work has been acknowledged through numerous industry awards.

Nicholas Lupton – Senior Reservoir Engineer

Nick holds a Masters in Petroleum Engineering from UNSW. His experience includes laboratory based research involving core analysis, adsorption/diffusion studies, and investigating  microbial gas generation under reservoir conditions. He also undertakes research examining groundwater impacts from unconventional gas production and onshore gas prospectivity using numerical simulation, and has been involved in enhanced coalbed methane field studies.

Deasy Heryanto – Engineer

Deasy holds a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering and Science from The University of Melbourne. Her skills include chemical analysis utilizing various instruments and techniques, such as ion chromatography, gas chromatography, and spectrometry, experimental rock characterisation, and data analysis.

Dr Meng Lu – Principal Research Engineer

Meng holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. Meng’s research is focused on transport mechanisms in porous rocks and various fundamental issues in relation to reservoir engineering, especially with respect to gas production in unconventional reservoirs. His research interests also include CO2-sequestration in geological formations and mechanical properties of rocks.