The Reservoir Engineering Team at CSIRO Energy has a long established presence in unconventional gas reservoir research, working on the technical challenges associated with gas production from coal, shale, and tight sandstone. We have developed our expertise through projects with industry and government on a broad range of topics, including:

  • characterisation of gas storage in free and adsorbed states
  • characterisation of permeability, behaviour with stressĀ and anisotropy
  • reservoir simulation of unconventional gas production (particularly coals and shales)
  • coupled flow and geomechanical simulation (including fault activation)
  • enhanced coal bed methane
  • formation damage in unconventional formations
  • stimulation of biogenic gas generation in coal
  • techno-economic studies
  • groundwater flow in response to unconventional gas production


Our clients include

  • industry such as Santos, Origin Energy, Arrow Energy, AGL, Shell (QGC), Shell Technology Center, Petrochina, Sinopec, Lemigas, Westside, Geogas, BHP Coal, Sigra, Palgas
  • federal and state government