Gravimetric Isotherm Rig

The CSIRO Gravimetric Isotherm Rig V3.0 can measure isotherms from as low as 1.0 m3/tonne (1.0 cc/g) with a measurement precision of 0.25 m3/tonne (0.25 cc/g). Although this instrument has been designed primarily to characterise gas adsorption in unconventional petroleum reservoirs, such as shales and coals, it can also be used for gas adsorption in other areas of engineering. The rig was designed and built in-house in our laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.


Inside view of the Gravimetric Isotherm Rig


Main benefits of the Gravimetric Isotherm Rig V3.0

  • Larger sample sizes – 4 x 110cc sample cell volume, invaluable in heterogeneous materials
  • Faster – Run times of less than 24 hours can be readily achieved
  • Cleaner – No oil bath
  • Cheaper – With 90% of the process fully automated, operators can move on to other tasks
  • Easier – The gravimetric method does not rely on a gas tight system, although preferred. If a minor leak occurs, the results are not compromised; the operator does not need to waste valuable time chasing minor leaks


Specifications at a glance

  • Number of concurrent samples: 4
  • Volume of sample vessel: 110 cc
  • Temperature Range: Amb+5 to 80oC
  • Pressure Range: Vacuum to 30 MPa
  • Test gases: Helium / Nitrogen / Methane / Carbon Dioxide
  • Reports are automatically generated at the end of the run
  • Raw data is also available for post processing
  • Fully integrated gas safety system for methane

Additional Options

  • Automated booster control function
  • Automated gas selection valving


Sample cells in the Gravimetric Isotherm Rig v3.0


Examples of isotherm measurements highlighting repeatability; low adsorbing gas shale @ 70ºC and high adsorbing gas shale @ 110°C


For more information please contact

Luke Connell  +61 3 9545 8352

Zhejun Pan  +61 3 9545 8394

Michael Camilleri +61 3 9545 7977