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Discover how we are creating impact through space technology.

CSIRO's Anthony Chesman shows off our flexible solar modules, which have launched to space.

Australian in-space transportation provider Space Machines Company (SMC) and CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, are partnering to test an Australian flexible solar cell technology in space.

CSIRO researcher, Dr Joshua Pease, works on the CyanoSat payload at the Space Optics Lab at the University of Adelaide.

The CyanoSat payload has captured its first hyperspectral image from orbit in an Australian first.

Australia at night from space

Join researchers on 5-6 February to contribute to the future of planetary science in Australia. Submit abstracts by 1 December.

multiresolution scanner mounted on top of a tracked rover sitting on a Moon-like surface in the dust area of the ISRU Facility

Collaboration is the essential ingredient as CSIRO, Boeing and NASA adapt scanning and mapping tech for operations on the International Space Station.

Meet Dr Amy Parker and see how she's helping make satellite data more accessible to Australian researchers.

Our researchers are working to develop new foods and food production systems for extended space travel.

We're working with Australia’s first and only Aboriginal owned-and-operated ground station provider to bring NovaSAR-1 data down to Earth.

From today Australian researchers in industries like agriculture and natural disaster management can apply to direct the Earth observation satellite NovaSAR-1 by accessing Australia’s share of the satellite, managed by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency.

Quasar Satellite Technologies is set to revolutionise space communication, allowing ground stations to talk to hundreds of satellites at once using technology developed by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency.

Our additive manufacturing technology helped a recent satellite launch! See how we developed a small part to fix a big problem.