Space FSP projects

Infographic: Space FSP current projects

About our research

We are undertaking research in priority areas including small satellite technologies, Earth observation, communications, tracking and signal processing, robotics, remote operations and resource utilisation, and space life sciences.

Satellite technologies

  • Development of satellite optical systems for Earth observation science
  • Rollable and self-deployable solar arrays for small satellites
  • High energy lithium sulfur batteries for space applications
  • Additive manufacturing of low thermal expansion alloy for CubeSat optical components
  • Radiation shielding materials for space applications
  • CubeSat to Mars – a Phase A/B study

Earth observation

  • SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Science Initiative
  • High-performance multi-sensor data analytics platform for earth observation science
  • Biodiversity analytics from space
  • Bridging the scale gap between satellite observations and localised ground- and drone-based measurements: a case study for perennial crops
  • Earth observation tools for algal bloom prediction

Communications, tracking & signal processing

  • High performance computing and imaging for small satellites
  • Radio astronomy technologies for space object tracking
  • Optical communications for space applications
  • High-speed satellite communication links based on terahertz technologies
  • Commercialisation of phased array ground stations
  • Entropy mining from pulsars: nature driven security, navigation and timing

Remote operations and resource utilisation

  • ISRU (In-situ Resource Utilisation): Unlocking Australia‚Äôs future in space resource technology
  • CSIRO In-situ Resource Utilisation Facility
  • Multi-resolution 3D scanning for ISS and Lunar surface/Gateway applications
  • Predictive analytics for off-Earth resource modelling and utilisation
  • Lunar dust mitigating surfaces
  • Robot teams for off-world exploration
  • Shape memory alloy planetary rover wheel development
  • Exploring the effects of space microgravity on terrestrial biomining microorganisms for metal recovery from regolith simulant
  • Space spiders: multi-limbed microgravity maintenance robots

Human factors / space life sciences and biomedicine

  • Breathing easier and recycling CO2 for long-term missions
  • Feasibility and opportunity analysis for a future space biomed science platform
  • OptoCubes: all-optical devices for the real-time interrogation of living systems in microgravity
  • Real-time health monitoring in space
  • Smart biofactory for healthy foods for space travellers
  • Long term food stability for extended space missions