About the Space FSP

The CSIRO Space Technology Future Science Platform (Space FSP) was launched in November 2018 with an initial $16 million investment to build world-leading capability and drive cutting-edge research within CSIRO in support of the Australian Space Agency’s goal of tripling the size of the Australian space industry by 2030.

The Space FSP will leverage both CSIRO’s existing base of space activities and our as-yet-unharnessed expertise from other science areas to develop technologies that lead to new innovations in the space sector. It will directly address the high-value, high-risk leapfrog R&D areas prioritised by the Australian Space Agency to accelerate the growth of the Australian space sector.

CSIRO Space Zee


Space FSP projects

Space FSP investments will focus on the Strategic Priority Areas identified by the Australian Space Agency, and the three Opportunity Areas identified by the CSIRO Space Roadmap:

  • space-derived services
  • space object tracking
  • space exploration and utilisation.

Find out more about current projects underway in priority areas including Earth observation, satellite communications, space object tracking, off-Earth mining and space biomedicine.

External collaboration

A path to impact is vital for all Space FSP projects, and external partnerships are welcomed and strongly encouraged, particularly with Australian industry. Collaboration will typically be carried out under a co-investment model (please note that Space FSP funds cannot be used to fund external organisations to undertake R&D activities).

Potential partners can be involved in proposing a new project, or can join existing projects.

Please speak directly with your CSIRO science contacts, or contact the Space FSP Leader, to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Space roadmap

Download your copy of the full Space Roadmap.

Find out more about CSIRO’s and Australia’s space capabilities.


Find out more about the governance of the Space FSP on the About page.