About the Space FSP

The CSIRO Space Technology Future Science Platform (Space FSP) was launched in November 2018 to build world-leading capability and drive cutting-edge research within CSIRO, generating new innovations that hold the potential to generate significant societal benefits and commercial opportunities and will help transform the Australian space sector.

Our work aims to directly address the high-value, high-risk leapfrog R&D areas prioritised by the Australian Space Agency to accelerate the growth of the Australian space sector. Our research looks to harness our nation’s technical strengths and natural advantages to drive opportunities for growth and secure Australia’s footprint in the global space ecosystem.

CSIRO Space Zee

Our research

The mission of the Space FSP is to provide capability to solve a range of domestic and global challenges across multiple domains.

We are undertaking research in priority areas including small satellite technologies, Earth observation, communications and tracking, robotics, remote operations and resource utilisation, and space life sciences.

Find out more about our innovative new capabilities in space technology by watching the Space Technology Symposium 2020. This event was held online over two 2.5 hour sessions on 9 and 10 September 2020.

Collaborate with us

We work closely with the Australian Space Agency, research institutions, industry stakeholders and international organisations on driving technical capability and innovation pathways.

Please speak directly with your CSIRO science contacts or contact the Space FSP management team to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Space roadmap

Download your copy of the full Space Roadmap.

Space roadmap

Find out more about CSIRO’s and Australia’s space capabilities.


Find out more about the governance of the Space FSP on the About page.