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Results of the 2017 SELTMP survey are accessible through five topics of interest below. You can also explore the data yourself using our interactive dashboards after clicking on the links. Use the dashboard filters provided to explore the results by various categories. Click on a topic of interest below.

The dashboards are organised according to the following 5 human dimension clusters:

  1. Aspirations, capacity and stewardship
    1. Aspirations
    2. Capacity and education
    3. Stewardship
  2. Community vitality
    1. Community health
    2. Satisfaction
    3. Well-being
    4. Relationship with GBR
    5. Resource use and resource user profiles
  3. Culture and heritage
    1. Values
  4. Economic viability
    1. Tourism operators – resource dependency
    2. Commercial fishers – resource dependency
  5. Governance
    1. Confidence in management
    2. Equity issues
    3. Support for management
    4. Traditional versus progressive
    5. Trust in networks
    6. Sources of information

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