Outcomes of the project include:

  • To provide GBR managers, communities and industries with up to date access to social and economic information necessary for planning purposes.
  • Strong liaison with GBR stakeholders on the social and economic status of the region.
  • Provide the necessary data and interpretation to understand changes that are occurring within the region and to make plans for the future.

Photo: CSIRO Science Image

  • Key delivery into GBRMPA’s Reef 2050 Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program (RIMReP) which underpins the Reef 2050 Plan. SELTMP data can assist evaluate whether the Reef 2050 Plan is on track to meet its targets, objectives and outcomes and enable timely and suitable responses by Reef managers and partners to emerging issues and risks.
  • Offers government, Reef managers, industries, communities and researchers the opportunity to understand the current status of marine park users, industries and communities, including those potentially impacting on the ecological components of the system.