Outreach: Griffith University Mock Interview Collaboration

June 3rd, 2019

Griffith University Mock Interview Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, our Electrical and Computer Engineer Katrina Lo Surdo and our Advanced Mechatronics Team Leader Les Overs headed down to Griffith University to support their mock interview workshop for engineering students.

A mock interview mirrors an actual job interview and gives students an opportunity to know what to say and do during an interview and get feedback.

It is a useful tool to help students review their answers to common interview questions, while having other factors such as their resume, outfit, mannerisms, and body language assessed.

Doing a mock interview will reveal their strong and weak points and boost their self-confidence.

Katrina and Les participated in the mock interviews acting as interviewers whilst having the opportunity to connect with some of Griffith University’s top engineering students, and increase our engagement with the university.

Events such as this, as well as technical visits of our facilities & robots, guest talks, and competitions are just some examples of our outreach initiatives.

Contact us to learn how we can be involved and help out.