On the news: Our robots for oil & gas inspection

July 4th, 2019

On the news: Our robots for oil & gas inspection

Brighter and APPEA, the voice of the Australian oil and gas industry, have recently published an article about the use of our Magnapods for oil & gas inspection.

With high degrees-of-freedom, our autonomous platforms are capable of navigating complex environments and accessing visually occluded pockets in breathable and inert environments for condition monitoring, repairs, and maintenance.

“In the case of the natural gas industry, Magnapod has potential application to inspect ship hulls or tanks. Where other robots (or ‘crawlers’ as they’re called) run into structural issues, like sharp 90 degree turns or other elements, human operators would need to detach and reattach the crawler to continue the inspection. In the case of Magnapod this isn’t necessary, as it’s level of flexibility allows it to physically climb over or around potential obstacles”.

Read the full article here.


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