It’s (robot) teamwork

August 15th, 2019

Our DARPA Subterranean Challenge team is on the ground in Pittsburg for the Tunnel Circuit, ready for the challenge of remotely mapping, identifying, and reporting the greatest number of artefacts along the passages of a Pittsburgh research mine.

Our squad of five robots listed below will work collaboratively to achieve the proposed tasks.

  • BIA5 Titan – A tough all-purpose bot built by QLD-based company BIA5 in partnership with Deakin University.
  • Bruce – A 3D printed hexapod designed by CSIRO Data61 especially for underground use.
  • SuperDroid – Made by SuperDroid Robots Inc. This lightweight robot is tough and can be configured for autonomous search, environment mapping or object detection.
  • Hovermap – An autonomous drone payload by Emesent (a recent spinout from CSIRO’s Data61) emitting 300,000 laser beams a second to create 3D LiDAR-maps.
  • GHOST – Made by GHOST Robotics, an autonomous all-terrain quadruped for autonomous search, environment mapping and object detection.

How will they do that?

Read all about it on this fresh-off-press story by InsideRobotics.

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