CSIRO Futures: Space Roadmap

October 18th, 2018

The CSIRO Futures Space Roadmap has been launched.

CSIRO Futures Space Roadmap

The Australian industry has a unique opportunity to leverage the nation’s strengths and advantages to increase its role in the international space sector by providing strategic contributions to global value chains that result in economic return and improve the lives of Australians.

These include:

  • Growing the ecosystem and downstream utilisation of space-derived data and services, such as Earth Observation, positioning navigation and timing, and satellite communications.
  • Building an Australian industry to track space objects to ensure the continued availability of space assets.
  • Leveraging Australia’s research and industrial strengths to develop cutting-edge technology for global space exploration and utilisation.

The Roadmap also outlines key enablers that will help our space industry pursue these growth opportunities.

Amongst these enablers is the continued development of autonomous systems for robotic exploration missions – including improved fidelity and functionality, and persistent and competent autonomy.

According to the report, “[the] momentum created by a government-supported space innovation ecosystem needs to be embraced to grow Australia’s industry and build the bold transdisciplinary collaborations needed to develop exploration technologies, which include spacecraft, habitats and supporting technologies to safely conduct robotic and human missions. This momentum is also expected to catalyse the development of other Australian industries, in particular, robotics”.

These are great news which further emphasizing the important role our work plays in improving the lives of Australians!

The full report is available via this link.