Reports and journal articles from our team that advance phytosanitary risk science


Hort Innovation project, AM17001 | Final Report

CSIRO and its partners collaborated on a Hort Innovation project between 2017-2022, Developing a national systems approach for meeting biosecurity requirements to access key Asian markets (AM17001).

This national, collaborative project aimed to support the broader use of phytosanitary systems approaches through the development of quantitative risk tools, testing and refining of these tools through commercial application, and by extensive engagement with industry, regulators and the scientific community. The Australian cherry, citrus, berry and apple industries participated in project case studies. The project delivered far-reaching benefits for the horticulture industry. For the first time industry and regulators have a tool kit they can use to quantify biosecurity risks of trade, and to develop, assess, negotiate and cost the best set of phytosanitary measures to manage those risks. Read the final report here:

Scientific journal articles

Our phytosanitary risk research, including new methods and models, as well as analyses that underpin market access proposals are submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals to enable their international recognition and acceptance. Here are our published articles:

Our team have a number of scientific journal articles that are in preparation or have been submitted for review:

  • Caley, P., Gladish, D.W., Hill, M.P., Kingham, L., van Klinken, R. D., (late draft) Evaluating combined pre-harvest monitoring and sampling-based systems measures in horticultural crop production. Target journal: Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics
  • Froese, J.G., Murray, J.V., Beeton, N., van Klinken, R.D., (late draft) The Pest Risk Reduction Scenario Tool (PRReSTo) for quantifying trade-related plant pest risks and benefits of risk-reducing measures. Target journal: Risk Analysis.
  • Broadley, A., Hill, M.P., van Klinken R.D., (in prep). A spatio-temporal modelling approach to understand the effect of urban fruit fly outbreaks in peri-urban orchards. Manuscript in preparation. Target journal: Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
  • Caley et al. (early draft). Evaluating the inclusion of reject bin sampling as an additional measure when determining horticultural product integrity. Target journal TBD
  • Howse, E.T., Beeton, N., van Klinken, R., James, K.P., Hill, M.P., (late draft) Comparing the efficacy of male and female lures for monitoring Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) under a range of climatic conditions and population pressure in Western Australia. Target journal TBD
  • Kingham, L. et al. (in prep). A systems approach using limited Queensland fruit fly phenological overlap for temperate Australian citrus – the Riverina case study. Target journal TBD

Industry journal articles

These articles from Australian Fruit Grower and Australian Tree Crop outline our research to develop a new phytosanitary systems approach for managing Queensland fruit fly in cherries to enable market access between Australian states