Global trade is growing. Trade brings many benefits – but it can also spread pests and pathogens that harm natural environments, people and agriculture.

Now, more than ever, we need effective tools to guide how we manage these biosecurity risks and enable market access.

CSIRO works with industry, Australian government partners and the research community to develop improved scientific methods and tools for limiting plant pest risks related to trade.

Our aim is to modernise how plant biosecurity risks are assessed and managed. Our approach brings together systems thinking and risk science to tackle a wide range of biosecurity and market access challenges.

Explore our site to find new approaches and innovative scientific methods and tools that can help:

  • Protect biosecurity in Australia and around the world
  • Harness commercial production and supply chain systems and emerging technologies that contribute to reducing biosecurity risks
  • Enable market access through building stronger evidence to guide risk assessment and management
  • Build confidence amongst trading partners in agreed risk management measures
  • Expand opportunities for domestic and international trade

CSIRO’s innovative approach to trade-related plant biosecurity starts with our risk framework and menu of phytosanitary measures. Here’s a quick overview of the science-based tools we are developing with industry and government partners to modernise how risks are assessed and managed.