Phytosanitary risk tools

Our science-based tools can help improve the way trade-related plant pest risks are managed - protecting biosecurity and enabling market access
CSIRO's phytosanitary risk tools
CSIRO's phytosanitary risk tools
CSIRO’s phytosanitary risk tools

CSIRO is working closely with our partners to develop a set of tools and resources that can be applied by biosecurity regulators, industry stakeholders and other researchers. Our tools include methods, models, interactive calculators, templates and other resources that can be used to:

  • Design and evaluate individual phytosanitary measures
  • Develop new phytosanitary risk management protocols and validate their efficacy
  • Refine, simplify or more rigorously validate existing phytosanitary protocols
  • Assess the likely efficacy of phytosanitary measures proposed in new market access applications
  • Design rigorous risk management responses for wider biosecurity issues or incursions

An overview of the phytosanitary risk tools

CSIRO’s science-based tools are designed to help industry and regulators find the best ways to manage plant biosecurity risks related to trade. Here’s a quick overview of the risk framework and menu of phytosanitary measures at the heart of our work.

Coming soon

More tools are being developed and will be posted soon.