A printable version of the full program: PAM2017 program

Day 1 – 30th March 2017

8 – 9 On Site Registration
8:45 – 9 Introduction and Welcome
9 – 10 Keynote (Invited Talk)
Title: The 10 Commandments of Internet Measurement

Speaker: Prof. Matthew Roughan

Bio: Prof. Roughan obtained his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the
University of Adelaide in 1994. He has since worked for the
Co-operative Research Centre for Sensor Signal and Information
Processing (CSSIP), in conjunction with DSTO; at the Software
Engineering Research Centre at RMIT and the University of Melbourne,
in conjunction with Ericsson; and at AT&T Shannon Research Labs in the
United States. Most recently, he works in the School of Mathematical
Sciences at the University of Adelaide, in South Australia. His
research interests range from stochastic modelling to measurement and
management of networks like the Internet. He is author of over a 100
refereed publications, half a dozen patents, and has managed more than
a million dollars worth of projects. In addition, his coauthors and he
won the 2013 Sigmetrics “Test of Time” award, and his work has
featured in New Scientist and other popular press.

10 – 10.30 Coffee Break
10.30 – 12 Session 1: IPv6

session chair: Matthew Luckie (University of Waikato)

Understanding the Share of IPv6 Traffic in a Dual-stack ISP

E. Pujol (Benocs GmbH), P. Richter (TU Berlin), A. Feldmann (TU Berlin)

On the potential of IPv6 open resolvers for DDoS attacks

L. Hendriks (University of Twente), R. Schmidt (University of Twente), R. van Rijswijk-Deij (SURFnet BV), A. Pras (University of Twente)

Something From Nothing (There): Collecting Global IPv6 Datasets From DNS

T. Fiebig (TU Berlin), K. Borgolte (UC Santa Barbara), S. Hao (UC Santa Barbara) , C. Kruegel (UC Santa Barbara), G. Vigna (UC Santa Barbara)

 12 – 13.30 Lunch
13.30 – 15 Session 2: Web and Applications

session chair: Andrew W. Moore (University of Cambridge)

The web, the users, and the MOS: Influence of HTTP/2 on user experience

E. Bocchi (Telecom ParisTech — Politecnico di Torino), L. De Cicco (Politecnico di Bari), M. Mellia (Politecnico di Torino), D. Rossi (ENST)

Internet Scale User-Generated Live Video Streaming: The Twitch Case

J. Deng (Queen Mary University of London), G. Tyson (Queen Mary University of London), F. Cuadrado (Queen Mary University of London) , S. Uhlig (Queen Mary University of London)

Internet Access for All: Assessing a Crowdsourced Web Proxy Service in a Community Network

E. Dimogerontakis (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), R. Meseguer (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), L. Navarro (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)

15 – 15.30 Coffee Break
15.30 – 17 Session 3: Security

session chair: Ralph Holz (University of Sydney)

A First Look at the CT Landscape: Certificate Transparency Logs in Practice

J. Gustafsson (Linkoping University), G. Overier (Linkoping University), M. Arlitt (University of Calgary), N. Carlsson (Linkoping University)

Where is the Weakest Link? A Study on Security Discrepancies between Android Apps and Their Website Counterparts

A. Alavi (University of California, Riverside), A. Quach (University of California, Riverside), H. Zhang (University of California, Riverside), B. Marsh (University of California, Riverside), F. Haq (Stony Brook University), Z. Qian (University of California, Riverside), L. Lu (Stony Brook University), R. Gupta (University of California, Riverside)

Patch Me If You Can: A Study on the Effects of Individual User Behavior on the End-Host Vulnerability State

A. Sarabi (University of Michigan), Z. Zhu (University of Maryland, College Park), C. Xiao (University of Michigan), M. Liu (University of Michigan), T. Dumitras (University of Maryland, College Park)

 19 Banquet/social Dinner (The Malaya Restaurant, Darling Harbour)

 Day 2 – 31st March 2017

 8 – 9 On Site Registration
 9 – 10.30 Session 4: Performance

session chair: Alessandro Finamore (Telefonica Research)

Application Bandwidth and Flow Rates from 3 Trillion Flows Across 45 Carrier Networks

D. Pariag (Sandvine Inc.), T. Brecht (University of Waterloo)

Measuring What is Not Ours: A Tale of 3rd Party Performance

U. Goel (Montana State University), M. Steiner (Akamai Technologies, Inc.), M. Wittie (Montana State University), M. Flack (Akamai Technologies, Inc.), S. Ludin (Akamai Technologies, Inc.)

The utility argument — Making a case for broadband SLAs

Z. Bischof (Northwestern University), F. Bustamante (Northwestern University), R. Stanojevic (Qatar Computing Research Institute)

 10.30 – 11 Coffee Break
11 – 12.30 Session 5: Latency

session chair: Mingyan Liu (University of Michigan)

Why is the Internet so slow?

I. Bozkurt (Duke University), B. Chandrasekaran (Duke University), A. Aguirre (UC Santa Cruz), P. Godfrey (UIUC), G. Laughlin (Yale University), B. Maggs (Duke University), A. Singla (ETH Zurich)

Anycast Latency: How Many Sites Are Enough?

R. Schmidt (University of Twente), J. Heidemann (ISI/USC), J. Kuipers (University of Twente)

Where Has My Time Gone?

N. Zilberman (University of Cambridge), M. Grosvenor (University of Cambridge), D. Popescu (University of Cambridge), N. Manihatty-Bojan (University of Cambridge), G. Antichi (University of Cambridge), M. Wojcik (University of Cambridge), A. Moore (University of Cambridge)

 12.30 – 14 Lunch
 14 – 15.30 Session 6: Troubleshooting

session chair: Rade Stanojevic (Hamad Bin Khalifa University)

Mind The Gap Between HTTP and HTTPS in Mobile Networks

A. Finamore (Telefonica Research), M. Varvello (Telefonica Research), K. Papagiannaki (Telefonica Research)

Using Loops Observed in Traceroute to Infer Ability to Spoof

Q. Lone (Delft University of Technology), M. Luckie (University of Waikato), M. Korczyński (Delft University of Technology), M. van Eeten (Delft University of Technology)

A Characterization of Load Balancing on the IPv6 Internet

R. Almeida (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), O. Fonseca (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), E. Fazzion (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), D. Guedes (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), W. Meira Jr. (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), I. Cunha (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)

 15.30 – 16 Coffee Break
 16 – 17 Session 7: Wireless

session chair: Leandro Navarro (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

 Enhancing WiFi Throughput With PLC Extenders: A Measurement Study

K. Apicharttrisorn (University of California, Riverside), A. Atya (University of California, Riverside), J. Chen (University of California, Riverside), K. Sundaresan (NEC Labs), S. Krishnamurthy (University of California, Riverside)

Scope for HTTPs caching in wired and wireless networks

P. Gupta (IIT Bombay), M. Patel (IIT Bombay), K. Chebrolu (IIT Bombay)

 17 – 17.15 The Best Paper Award and Best Dataset Award Presentation, and Closing Remarks

The Best Paper Award: Anycast Latency: How Many Sites Are Enough?

The Best Dataset Award: Why Is the Internet so Slow?!